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2017-2018 Calendar Course Descriptions

Keyboarding I Syllabus
Keyboard Quiz


Goal wam A B C D
16 21 18 16 14
18 23 21 18 15
20 26 23 20 17
25 32 29 25 21
27 35 31 27 23

17 January 2018Lessons 3–Drills/Online and Lesson 4–MicroType
Review Letter Keys (o, t, n, and g)
Assignment: Lesson 3(click on link to see what the drill should look like when finished);
AFTER you have finished the drills for today work in MicroType Alpahabetic Keyboarding.

12 January 2018Lesson 2 and MicroType Lesson 3
Assignment: Lesson 2 (text) – Review Letter Keys (h, e, i, and r)

10 January 2018Lesson 1–Text; and MicroType Lessons 2 & 3
Assignment: Lesson 1– Review Home Keys (fdsa jkl;)
(click on link to see what the drill should look like when finished).

08 January 2018 Course Introduction & MicroType
This class is intended to provide students who do not know the keyboard with basic keyboarding skills. Using the keyboard is essential for success in a majority of required classes for graduation and for future college/career requirements. Keyboarding I will focus on development of proper keyboard technique. Students are expected to learn the keyboard by touch. During this course, students will learn basic formatting of word processed documents, such as Memos, Personal-Business Letters, Tables, and Unbound Reports.

Presentation: MicroType 5. Following the presentation begin working on Lesson 1 in MicroType 5 Alphabetic Keyboarding. Discuss what needs to be done for credit each day.

It is generally a good idea to practice when school is not is session. There is a free typing test at Learn2Type