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2017-2018 Calendar Course Descriptions

Fashion Design Syllabus
Elna Manual Winding Bobbins, Inserting the Bobbin, Threading the Machine, and Pulling Up the Bobbin Thread

While providing supplies is optional, most students will find it more rewarding to use to use their own materials. Supplies will provided to those students who do not supply their own materials, but ownership of the finished projects made with school supplied material may be retained by the school.

15-20 December 2017Project Runway Challenge — FINAL

Share your response with your "team".

Each team will design a collection of clothes that can be worn to work and/or school. Today you will do your group planning, on the day of the Final you will be given 60 minutes to sketch your design and then the balance of the class will be spent presenting and peer evaluation of the collections!

12–14 December 2017Christmas Tree Ornament
Create a Christmas Tree Ornament following instructions by Life After Laundry which have been summarized on the linked handout.

28 November 2017Understanding Color
Please read Chapter 9 in the Clothing: Fashion, Fabrics & Construction (pages 156-171), answer the questions on the worksheets.

Working in small groups "solve" the color problems on the last page of the handout to share out to the class.

17 November 2017 — Reflection on Little Dresses
Based on the rubric reflect on how you are doing. If there are problems with your project be sure to state what you are going to do to correct the problems so that you have a dress that you can be proud to send to Haiti.

08 — 30 November 2017 — Continued Little Dresses for Africa

Create a Little Dress for Africa. The class will be using a modified pattern from Nancy's Notions.
The original Nancy's Notions Dress Pattern.
The finished project will be graded using the following rubric.

06 December 2017Hour of Code
Today's activity is a set of 20 self-guided puzzles that teach the basics of computer science for users with no prior experience. In each puzzle, you write a program that gets a character through a maze. The activity uses Blockly, a visual programming language that has blocks you drag and drop to write programs. The characters in one of the activities is from Star Wars

Choose either Blocks or JavaScript (you can switch between if you want at any time).

To get credit for today's activity you need to print out the completion certificate with your name printed in it:

31 October through 30 November 2017Little Dresses for Africa

Create a Little Dress for Africa. The class will be using a modified pattern from Nancy's Notions.
The original Nancy's Notions Dress Pattern.
The finished project will be graded using the following rubric.

27 October 2017County Fair Time – Chicken Judging
Working in pairs or trios, judge the chickens using the Danish Judging System where the chickens are judged against the ideal and grouped in Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, and White Ribbon groupings. Each pair/trio will select a Best of Class that will then advance to compete as Grand Champion and Reserve Champion and will then share with the class why that chicken is thier champion.

Each student will then select a chicken that they will write a critque for its maker to let them know why it received the ribbon that it did and what they could have done to make it better!

17–25 October 2017Hen Party Chicks Pincushion by Deonn Stott
Using your own fabric or something from the scrap bin create a "softie" out of two 6-inch squares of fabric and some odds and ends. The project sheet is courtesy of Deonn Stott of Quiltscapes Professional Macine Quilting & Quilt School.

With your project sheet in hand, check out the Hen Party Slide Show.

Additional tutorials can be found online, one is made available by Quiltscapes.

We will substitute felt for the beak and comb and stuff our chick with Polyfil so that it will be a real "softie"!

Complete the Machine Stitches worksheets. The information is in the Clothing text beginning on page 500.

19 September 2017French and Fashion (Substitute Lesson)
Using the Internet as a resource; write the literal translation to the French term and how it relates to fashion as you complete the worksheet. It is due at the end of the period.

15–29 September 2017Sewing Machines
As we begin the next phase of the course, it is important that each student is aware of what they need to do to be safe in the class room as well as how to operate the sewing machine. The sewing machine is capable of stitching various different stitches and the following worksheets will help you review that information. The information is in the Clothing text beginning on page 500.

11 September 2017 Using a Sewing Machine
As you read Lesson 4 beginning on page 455 of the "Clothing" (red textbook), answer the questions on the Using a Sewing Machine – Worksheet.

07 & 13 September 2017 Sew-lutions Guidelines from offers a series of free guidelines that can assist you if you are having problems with various stitches.

05 September 2017How a sewing machine works

A simplified version of how the lock stitch is made:

Understand how a sewing machine works

Introduction to the sewing machine learning the parts, what the part does, how to thread the machine, and begin to sew. Students will complete the following worksheets: Parts of the Sewing Maching & How to Thread the Sewing Machine.

Learning the parts, what the part does, and how to thread the machine.

A YouTube video showing how to thread an Elna Sewing Machine.

29–31 August 2017Fahion Croquis
The word croquis comes from French and means simply "sketch". In fashion, the term refers to a quick sketch of a figure (typically nine heads tall as this is the accepted proportions for the fashion illustration) with a loose drawing of the clothes that are being designed. Links to the video we watched in class:
Tutorial — Fashion Figures for Beginners | 9 heads.
Tutorial — Learn With Me – Male Fashion Figure.
Assignment: Draw your own Fashion Croquis

Below are three female and two male croquis for you to use as models

Junior Model

Professional Model

Casual Model

Classic Male Model

Classic Male Model

25 August 2017What to Wear
PowerPoint: Freedom High School's Dress Code
Assignment: Different people's environment influence their clothing choices. Working with a partner (2 people working together) will "dress" the supplied
paper dolls for three different occasions:
Going to School
Going to Work (you decide what the job will be)
Going to the Homecoming Dance

Each partner must participate in the design and drawing of the outfits. Write a short description of the outfit and why it is appropriate for the situation that it was designed for.

Drawings will be presented to the class with both partners participating.

23 August 2017The Why of Clothes — Dress Codes
Wrap-up: The Why of Clothes
PowerPoint: The Why of Clothes

Working in collaborative groups students will create a dress code for an institution or work place environment, such as a school or a restaurant.
a. The dress code may be a bulleted list or paragraph.
b. Students must include a breif statement explaining the reason for each rule in their dress code.

21 August 2017The Why of Clothes
Clothing does much more than just cover the body. Your appreciation of clothing will be broadened as you become more aware of the influences clothing has on you. Throughout history, clothing has had a great meaning. It has indicated people's handicraft skills, artistic imagination, and cultural rituals. It has also reflected advances in technology.
PowerPoint: First Impressions
Assignment: The Why of Clothes
Read Chapter 1 (pages 10-19) of "Fashion" (black text book) to complete the handout.

09–17 August 2017Fashion Designers
Assignment: Write a 5-paragraph essay to inform about one of Top Fashion Designers. You will be given time in class to research and compile your work. Include at least one photograph of your designer's signature work. Essay will be due August 17th at the end of class. No LATE essays will be accepted.

Some ideas to help in the research of a fashion designer. You do not have to answer every question, but find as much information as you can:

Essay will be turned in using TurnItIn. Students will need to create an account and use the class code 15885610 password freedom to join the class. Essay is due on August 17 and no late work will be accepted.

03–07 August 2017 / FRESHMAN BOOTCAMPThe Devil Wears Prada

01 August 2017 Course Introduction
Introduce possible projects that the class will be working on: Pin Cushion/Softee, Pillow Case, Sun Dress (Little Dresses for Africa), Pajama Pants, Crochet/Knitting, Up-cycle/Recycle Project, etc.

BBC Three – Secrets of the Superbrands